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FY2017 Budget: Representative Livingstone’s Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Amendments

This budget cycle, Representative Livingstone has filed 8 amendments spanning from early education issues, social services, worker’s rights, and local earmarks. Below is a spreadsheet with each item along with a description and resources. An update regarding the success of each amendment will soon follow the debate.

Filed Amendments to H.4200 (Lead Sponsor)

Download (PDF, 31KB)

Co-Sponsored Amendments to H.4200

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Representative Jay Livingstone Releases FY2017 Budget Priorities Letter

This morning, Jay sat down with House Committee on Ways & Means Chairman Brian Dempsey regarding his priorities for the FY2017 budget. Among those priorities were line items pertaining to Early Childhood Education, Expansion of a Special Education Circuit Breaker program, Raising the Enhanced Community Options Program for Seniors, Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation funding, and line item increases to the Department of Mental Health and the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services. Below is the letter in full.

While Jay has chosen to prioritize these line items, this is not an exhaustive list of the programs he plans to support in the budgetary process. He looks forward to working with his colleagues to advocate for other line items after the release of the House Ways and Means Budget.

Download (PDF, 137KB)


Turnout not high for marijuana legalization push

Boston Globe — Report on signature drive for petition to regulate marijuana like alcohol. Rep. Jay Livingstone was one of the first signers of the petition. “State Representative Jay D. Livingstone, a Beacon Hill Democrat who lives near the State House and did show up, noted that strong majorities of Massachusetts voters approved measures that decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana in 2008 and allowed its use for medical purposes in 2012.” Read the story.


Legalizing marijuana in Massachusetts: Lawmakers to sign onto ballot initiative

Mass Live — Report on signature drive for petition to regulate marijuana like alcohol. Rep. Jay Livingstone was one of the first signers of the petition. Read the story.


Massachusetts Legislators Among First to Sign Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Marijuana Politics — Report on signature drive for petition to regulate marijuana like alcohol. Rep. Jay Livingstone stated: “It is time for Massachusetts to shut down the illicit marijuana market by creating a new system that is carefully regulated, that returns revenues to cities and towns, and that ends forever the hypocrisy of punishing adults for choosing a substance that is less dangerous than alcohol.” Read the story.


Co-sponsorship Highlights: Criminal Justice

An Act promoting restorative justice practices
Sponsored by Rep. Garballey and Sen. Eldrige; This bill would create an option for law enforcement and courts to refer juvenile and low-level adult criminal offenders to a community-based restorative justice program in lieu of or alongside other responses (H.1313/SD.1001)

An Act eliminating mandatory minimum sentences related to drug offenses
Sponsored by Rep. Swan; This bill would eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for low level and non violent drug offenses as well as diminish disproportionately long sentences for non violent drug offenders. (H.1620)

An Act reforming pretrial process
Sponsored by Rep. Sannicandro; This bill would reform the current pretrial process in the Commonwealth by eliminating monetary bail and reevaluating assessments done to determine flight risk. (H.1584)

An Act to regulate and tax the cannabis industry
Sponsored by Rep Rogers; This bill would implement regulating and taxing the sale of marijuana in the Commonwealth which will: raise substantial revenue, reduce the burden placed on the Department of Correction and our county jails, and help eliminate a dangerous black market. (H.1561)


To see a complete list of bills that I co-sponsored this session, visit my legislative webpage at