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Thank you for visiting my State House office website where you can learn more about what is happening in the 8th Suffolk District and the State House. You can also find out what I am working on to improve Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and the West End in Boston and Cambridgeport and the MIT area in Cambridge.

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Rep. Livingstone’s 2017-18 Legislative Agenda

Filed Legislation 2017-2018 Legislative Session I am so thrilled to share some of the bills that I have filed this legislative session. Our team hit the ground running with bills spanning topics like criminal justice reform, civil liberties, social justice, and education. Here are some bills that I am particularly excited about this session: HD2550 – An Act …


Rep. Livingstone’s Bill Co-Sponsorship for 2017-18 session

Legislative Agenda Co-Sponsored Legislation 2017-2018 Legislative Session Below are all of the bills that I have decided to co-sponsor this session organized by their subject area. As you can imagine, leafing through thousands of bills can be very cumbersome, so I would like to thank all of my constituents that wrote in with their requests. …


Election 2016 Results:Voters Overwhelmingly Support Hillary

By Beth Treffeisen, Beacon Hill Times Staff For many in Boston the election results for the presidential election did not come out as expected. But in the heart of Beacon Hill and the West End, it is clear that they wanted one candidate over the other. “It’s incredibly disappointing, but I’m proud of the results …